Church Choir

The Choir at St. Basil's was established from the very beginning of the church and continues as a ministry of the church today. Our mission is to give the Congregants of St. Basil the Great an atmosphere conducive to worship through beautiful hymnology. We sing the traditional hymns in a Western Choral Tradition that mimics the beauty and antiquity of the Byzantine style. We sing each Sunday, and are always looking for eager participants in the choir. We seek willing hearts over all else. No experience is necessary, nor is speaking Greek a requirement.

We accept singers of all ages and experience levels - at ANY time of year. "Qui Cantat, Bis Orat" ("He who sings prays twice").


Annika Moustakakis-Guess
Dina Kaffes
Nick Kaffes
Maria Papandreou
Joyce Moustakakis
Julia Lydell
Nia Thanos
Niki Alexopoulos
Georgia Petritsis
George Kastritis
Nina Peropoulos
Peter Peropoulos
Elias Haddad

Orthodox Liturgy: Doxology (Greek)

Orthodox Liturgy: Doxology (English)

Simeron Sotiria: (Greek)

Simeron Sotiria: (English)

Interested parties should email Annika to be added to the distribution list for future rehearsals.
Email Annika for further information or to join the choir.

Choir Director: Annika Moustakakis-Guess

CELL PHONE: 832.674.0998