Sunday School Ministries

St. Basil's has a thriving and growing Sunday School program for children ages 4 through seniors in high school. There is also an adult Sunday school class for after high school graduation. Please join us from September to May.

Please direct any questions to our Sunday School Leadership: Carrie Rigas

Sunday School Registration Form
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2014-2015 Sunday School Teacher Teams

  • PRE-K Tina Tsounakas, Eleni Merianos, Pavlina Tsorbatzoglou
  • 1-2 Irene Ginnakakis, Miriam Merianos, Angela Geeker
  • 3-4 Tonia Yiakras, Vicky Fikaris, Angie Tyra
  • 5-6 Alexia Alexopolous, Andrew Ginnakakis, Casey Robison
  • 7-8 John Rigas, Gabriel Haddad, Aliki Thanos
  • 9-12 Manny Pollos, Caterina Kaffes, Christina Stamatakis

St. Basil Sunday School
2014-2015 Curriculum

The archdiocese approved curriculum will be used by every classroom.
Since our classes cover two age groups, two books will be used per classroom.
In addition to the books approved by the archdiocese, St. Basil's teachers will supplement with the following topics:

  • Adults - feast days, email questions
  • High School- open discussion
  • 7 & 8- Ecumenical Councils and Acts of the Apostles
  • 5 & 6- how to live out a Christian lifestyle and The Divine Liturgy
  • 3 & 4- symbolism in the church
  • 1 & 2- Saints
  • Kinder & PRE-K Jesus parables